Evolutivo Framework

You imagine it, we run it.

This blog post introduces the versatile Application_Menu global variable, enabling flexible menu assignments and our revamped Menu editor.

A few months ago a good friend and collaborator asked me about the differences between EvolutivoTM and Salesforce. Let's see what I think about it.

Many clients ask me what are our GDPR rules with Evolutivo. This question makes me smile and answer with another question: what does your GDPR compliance documentation say that your Evolutivo must do? The general idea is that it isn't the software itself that makes your company compliant, it is how you decide to configure that software. With that said, let's see what some of the Evolutivo users are doing.

It is rather common to want to hide some records from the operational view of the company but not delete the information. With GDPR already here and one of its obligations being exactly that use case, this pattern will come in handy.

Typical slow holiday month. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Embracing another month of maintenance, our focus remains on bug fixes and the streamlining of ongoing projects. Noteworthy additions include an exciting OpenOffice integration within the DMS project, a validation method, and a user-friendly enhancement for advanced search. The project continues to progress...