Evolutivo Framework

You imagine it, we run it.

Welcome to another exciting edition of our monthly blog post, where we delve into the enchanting world of application development! This month, we have a continuous stream of magic, filled with not just the usual bug fixes and optimizations, but also an array of remarkable enhancements across the DMS, Maps, Web Service, and general functionality of the application. The winds of change are blowing strong in every corner of our application!

Teleport - The Open Infrastructure Access Platform

Exciting updates! The Document Management System is taking shape, thanks to the outstanding efforts of Denald and Xhilda. Arlind has created a sleek AdHoc workflow logging UI. Ketlina's contributions include a general JavaScript debounce function, new field dependency functionality, and improvements in workflow duplication (among others). Along with the typical optimized code and security enhancements, we keep on progressing steadily!

Evolutivo 32M Project: defining the data limits of EvolutivoFW

Boosting Performance with External Cache Integration in Evolutivo Framework

Introducing the latest monthly updates to the Evolutivo Project! Experience enhanced features and developer tools like the new AWS S3 adapter, color fields, and business map changes. Our optimized code ensures security, performance, and reliability. Check out the new global variables and enjoy the ongoing improvements across modules like Documents, Custom View, and Workflows!