Evolutivo Framework

You imagine it, we run it.

Typical slow holiday month. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Embracing another month of maintenance, our focus remains on bug fixes and the streamlining of ongoing projects. Noteworthy additions include an exciting OpenOffice integration within the DMS project, a validation method, and a user-friendly enhancement for advanced search. The project continues to progress...

Another month, another set of impressive code changes in EvolutivoFW! From Widgets to Import, and even the Menu system, there's no shortage of fixes and enhancements to discuss. Get ready to be wowed by the latest developments in this blog post.

Discover how EvolutivoFW can help you turn your emails into leads, giving your marketing and sales efforts a significant boost. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a business owner, read on to unlock the potential of your email communication.

Another month of enhancements. A nice set of new features and fixes although I can't shake the feeling that we can't seem to be able to stop the feature creep. More for things I see coming than what arrives this month. All in all, progress as usual.

Touching base with Sonarqube and cognitive complexity again. A must-have companion for our development effort.